Just Because!

I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

Today handsome guy sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for “Just Because“! 100 blooms that will be all opened up in 24 hours, just beautiful!!

To make a very pretty table doily for the arrangement, I cut a file you can find over at Bosskut.com. There you’ll find an assortment of files that will fit your every crafting need and much more.

Hurry quick they have a big sale going on now. 

Next, I laminated two cut pieces together which makes for a very nice water proof keepsake for future use.

Love the flowers and the file, this made my rainy dreary weekend a very bright and special one.


Have a Blessed and Happy weekend everyone, enjoy!

Lori m  formally known as blogger “reflectionsfromgranny”.

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One Response to Just Because!

  1. TerriM says:

    aaaw… i’m so so happy for you!! (((hugs)))


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