my blessings day by day!

Sometimes, you have to push life’s trivia aside and count your blessings.  At the end of the day…….I find the blessings, out weigh…. anything life tossed in my direction.

Thanks to Mr. Amazing, my spine might actually stand a chance with future days. He’s one in a million and each day, “I thank the good Lord above”, that we’re together.

There will never be enough thank you’s that I could say, to express how lucky I feel.  “I’m truly Blessed, and reminded each time I look in his smiling face”.

So my friends, in life, its a choice you have to make each day.  Feeling blessed…. or going the why me path.  I choose…….. counting my blessings!

Little FYI… before I scoot!

I do blog hop, please forgive my lack of comments.  Many blogs, you need to be signed in or fiddle with the codes to prove your not a robot, I totally understand.

With my clumsy, chunky fingers, its often hard to comment from my phone.

I think….. Everyone is AMAZING!!!   Each project and design stunning, the ideas stored in my brain and the inspiration gained from viewing your blogs, priceless!!!

Thank you all…… for posting your beautiful work.

Off to the land of paperwork for me now, enjoy, have a very safe and healthy day!

Blessings and hugs, Lori m

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4 Responses to Counting….

  1. terrimouw says:

    You my friend are such an inspiration!! (((hugs)))


  2. Lori,
    It is about time that you are happy in life. I so glad to see that. I loved hearing about your spine feeling better. Funny how no stress can relieve some of our pain. I can always tell when my stress level is up in the high range by the pain I am in…
    Love you,


  3. cely says:

    beautiful post lori ❤ have a wonderful week!


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