Soon, I’ll be a grandma for the second time to a little girl, we’re all so excited.

OK, let me think, what does every little girl need?  Room decorations of course and I’m lucky that my daughter likes the whimsical styles too.

For todays room sign, I used my new Cricut Expore Air ( thank you my beautiful daughter, best Mother’s Day gift ever.) Love it, this fits nice in my small downstairs craft room, and has so many cute little things to cut.

I still need to attach this sign to a canvas, next Modge Podge it, then its ready go.

Here’s the preview to date.


Hope you like it, enjoy, blessings and hugs, Lori m

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3 Responses to Babies!!!

  1. I am so happy for you Lori. Those grand-babies are something special. I love your new project. I am in Florida now, so you can come see me.


  2. Lori m says:

    Thank you Carol and Diana.


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