Placid!  This post is long overdue, so here goes!  This year after living in New York all my life, finally, I’ve seen Lake Placid.  It was one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been to, thank you, handsome Jack for making this trip possible.

I will say…….the walking was to soon for me after my surgery, we had to take many  breaks to rest up.  We did find…… they have a trolley…… that will take you around and the cost was free, can’t beat that deal.  Still, the walking and stopping where and when we wanted to, seemed to work best for us.  I can snap a hundred photos in a matter of minutes when outdoors.

My biggest goal was to see the beauty and capture some amazing 4th of July photos with my new camera.  Little did we know, the best spots were taken by the time we got there, or you had to climb up a hill and sit in the lawn………“Hill”, did I say “Hill”????  It would have been more like climbing Mt. Everest to us and with my luck, I would have gone tumbling down the hill like…. Jack and  Jill, only with my camera instead of a pail of water.

Luckily, Jack found an amazing restaurant right on the lake, problem was, all the upstairs, outside view tables were taken, so we stayed in the bar area waiting.  No photos were coming out clear enough through the glass, until………….the kind owners set up extra tables outdoors for folks waiting. Everyone, was able to enjoy the fireworks show.

I was totally in “awe” at their kindness and quick thinking to accommodate their customers.  I will say, “this was, one of my most beautiful experiences, after some of our other travel glitches”.  The Adventures of Jack and Lori should be the name of this blog site lol.

I must give a Huge shout out if you’re ever in the area, you must, stop in at the Top of the Park restaurant.  2407 Main Street, Lake Placid, NY.  Not only, are the owners Rob and Kay very pleasant and fun, it was also clear, they truly care about their patrons and the food was out of the world delicious, not to mention the drinks, yum!

The waitresses,  Elise and Beth were very amazing, they too, made sure your experience in this establishment was memorable and worth returning to. Thank you, Rob, Kay, Elise and Beth for making our 4th of July, one of the happiest times we will always remember.

To find out more, look them up at or on Facebook, Yelp, etc., I’m sure searching will be worth your time.


A picture says a thousand words and here is one of my favorite photos taken that evening.


Now, here goes the hotel review………oh my lol.  Trying to be my frugal self, I found a nice hotel ( so I thought) on the Main Street.  The photos online looked great, I phoned to confirm our reservations and that they had working elevators.  We were to get a room with Main Street view, great I thought, the 4th of July, parade will pass right down the road and we can watch it from our room.

As it turned out we had a parking lot view, nice room and thanks to my photo programs the parking lot photo looked a lot like a lake view when I sent off the picture to family and friends….haaaaahaaaa! Very creative this picture was!

Lake-Placid-2 had some great booking deals, my suggestion is frugal isn’t always the best way to book hotels.  We stayed at the Hotel North Woods, nice room, comfy bed, parking lot view, and 4th floor.  Sounds great right?  Well, upon arrival only one elevator worked, our room was above some huge fan from the restaurant, sometimes the smell of food was good, first thing in the morning, not so great.

Luckily due to health reasons, I carry everything from the sink to what ever, when we go out and about.

After a long days adventures we were going to shower quick and head off for our perfect place to get fireworks photos.

Not happening, the 2nd elevator was down leaving only the stairs.  I knew, once I attempted to make that journey up 4 floors, I’d not be walking back down them.

That’s when we decided to head into the Main Street more and found the Top of the Park restaurant mentioned above, the rest of the night was the best.

Oh, by the time we returned, one of the elevators was working and we left Lake Placid with a camera filled with photos.

A gorgeous place to visit and worth seeing for all!

Enjoy, hugs and blessings, Lori m

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